Tips for Buying a Home in the Middle of the Gig Economy, It’s Not Impossible!

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The development of the internet has given rise to a new work trend, namely the gig economy. In this new work trend, workers get income from each project they work on. That means, workers can freely determine whether they want to work or not. However, this trend raises a new question: can gig economy workers buy homes?

Asian Woman Interactions On Mobile Phone, Concept With Notification Icons Of Like, Message, Email, Comment And Star Above Smartphone Screen, Person Hands Holding Device, Internet Digital Marketing.

Tips on buying a house in the middle of the gig economy

Even though it offers high flexibility, being involved in the gig economy can pose new challenges, namely the possibility to buy a house is getting thinner. This is because most banks that offer mortgages (mortgages) make permanent worker status one of the requirements. This means that it will be difficult for gig economy workers to apply for credit.

However, if you are part of the gig economy, you really don’t need to worry. However, remember the saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. Even though it’s difficult to apply for a mortgage, it doesn’t mean you can’t realize your dream of owning your own home as a freelancer. You can see the following tips.

1. Prepare all the necessary documents

The process of buying a house requires so many conditions. The procedure is complicated. So, it would be better if you make preparations in advance.

Prepare all the necessary documents. It’s also a good idea if you prepare documents related to credit applications, such as the OJK SLIK (Financial Information Service System from the Financial Services Authority) to ensure credit scores, then proof of bill payments, and bank statements.

Also make sure the identity documents are in accordance with the actual conditions. Make sure you have a KTP, KK (Family Card), and NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) with the latest information to ease the home buying process.

2. Saving to collect DP

If all the necessary documents have been collected, you can start allocating your income for a house down payment (DP) savings. Try to find out the details about your target house, from there you can find out what the required DP range is.

After that, start saving. Try to save as soon as you receive income, not wait for the rest to save. If possible, you can also take advantage of the autodebit feature at the bank to save automatically every month.

3. Avoid unnecessary expenses

In the gig economy, income is a matter of uncertainty. This month you can earn large amounts of income, but next month it’s not certain that this will happen again, in fact there’s always the possibility that you won’t get any income at all for some time.

For that, try to avoid unnecessary expenses. Spend money only for urgent needs. You can also create a priority list to determine which expenses are really important and which are not.

4. Compare existing home buying methods

Finally, compare existing home buying methods. In Indonesia, generally buying a house is done through two methods, namely in cash or in installments with a mortgage.

However, if you feel you can’t meet the requirements of the two methods, there’s no need to worry. Now there is Tanaku SuperAPP, a home-ownership solution suitable for gig economy players.

Tanaku SuperAPP offers a unique new way to buy a house. Through this super app, you can make your dream of buying a house come true by collecting points through various missions, such as uploading proof of paying rent for a house and filling out surveys. The points that you have collected can later be exchanged to pay off the DP or exchanged for various attractive rewards.

For those of you who are currently working in the gig economy, you don’t need to worry about not being able to have a home. With the unique Tanaku SuperAPP system, you can buy your own house and even pay off your down payment using a point system. This super app also offers a simple process and is free of hidden fees. Interested? Come on, just click here to download the Tanaku SuperApp!