The solution to get a house immediately even though your income doesn’t go up

Tanaku (rev) Solusi Agar Segera Punya Rumah Meski Income Tak Kunjung Naik

Entering the end of 2022, interest rates continue to increase. Until October 2022, it was recorded that Bank Indonesia (BI) had raised interest rates by 1.25%. From the original 3.5%, now the interest rate is 4.75%. The increase also occurred in interest rates for the 50 bps Deposit Facility (to 4%) and also the 50 bps Lending Facility (to 5.5%). This situation causes higher credit interest. In fact, this increase was not accompanied by an increase in income. As a result, buying a house via credit is increasingly suffocating. KPR (House Ownership Credit) with floating interest is also getting bigger. Then, what kind of solution can be done so that you can have your own home soon?

Tanaku (rev) Solusi Agar Segera Punya Rumah Meski Income Tak Kunjung Naik

The impact of the economic situation on property prices

The increase in BI’s benchmark interest rate has clearly made the amount of house loans even higher. No kidding, the increase that occurred reached 1.25% of the normal rate. Even this increase also affects the price of house rent. Instead of holding money and waiting for the situation to return to normal, this momentum should be used to buy a house immediately. Why so? It is predicted that the trend of increasing interest rates will not end until 2023. In fact, there is still no certainty about the situation whether interest rates will actually return or will skyrocket even more. It is not impossible that house prices will be more expensive than now.

The solution is to be able to have a house even though the income doesn’t go up

Then, what should be done so that you can immediately have a house even though interest rates continue to rise, but income is still stagnant? There are several options that can be considered, namely: Looking for subsidized housing Subsidized housing is a government program with an installment scheme. When compared to regular mortgage schemes, subsidized housing schemes are cheaper because of government assistance. The requirements are relatively easy, you only need to attach an identity as an Indonesian citizen and have an income that does not exceed the provisions. But, unfortunately, the number of these programs is very limited. In addition, the location of the available houses is often far from the city center.

Try the KBR option

Another option to be able to own a house right away is through KBR or Home Building Loans. If the KPR scheme provides loans to buy existing houses, KBR encourages people to build their own houses. This scheme is attractive because the costs are lower than mortgages and you can build a house the way you want. However, KBR needs a big guarantee, namely a certificate from the land where the house will be built.

Consider home down payment options

If it’s hard to find subsidized housing and you don’t have enough collateral for the KBR, you can try the DP installment option or a down payment for the house. This is an offer from the developer so that consumers can make DP installments. This house DP installment option can be done through a bank or directly with the developer, according to needs. Apart from going through the bank or directly with the developer, you can also go through innovative home ownership solutions from Tanaku SuperAPP. Different from installments to banks or developers, this solution is far more flexible and easier. What is the reason?

Make your dream of having your own home come true with Tanaku SuperAPP

The Tanaku SuperAPP application offers a home ownership solution through a quite unique way of working. The reason is, you have the opportunity to pay a DP for a new house from the points collected through the application! As a first step, of course you have to download the Tanaku SuperAPP application and register an account. After the account is active, you can do various missions to collect points. For those who have rented or are currently renting a house, you can provide details regarding your house rental or your renting history. Well, from here, you will get points! Besides that, you can also earn points by providing proof of monthly house rental payments.

Another way is to fill out various surveys from Tanaku SuperAPP. The points that you collect can later be exchanged for various attractive rewards, from shopping, dining, to traveling. Even as long as the points are enough, you can exchange them to pay a down payment to buy a new house! Very profitable, right? In other words, while carrying out various missions to collect points, you can also simultaneously build a credit history through Tanaku SuperAPP so that you can apply for a mortgage later. The dream of having your own home is very likely to come true! The recent trend of rising interest rates should be seen as a momentum to buy a house immediately.

This is because house prices are predicted to continue to rise, even for the rent itself. As a light and flexible home ownership solution, you can use Tanaku SuperAPP which offers an interesting solution. Tanaku SuperAPP is the first application that allows you to convert house rental fees into rewards and even to pay down payment for a new house! Come on, download now!