Tanaku’s new brand identity and the story behind it

Tanaku New Branding

We are super excited to announce our new brand identity and design language. This rebranding is not only about changing looks, but signifies us taking a step closer towards improving our product and services towards our vision & mission.

Tanaku started with the idea to democratize access to homeownership for millennials with little or no access to alternate financing options. We exist to empower the 12Mn homeowners in their journey towards financial inclusivity and improve accessibility to owning their own space.

Since we started Tanaku, we were united by our zeal to make owning a home affordable, simple & transparent. Our new brand identity signifies the same.

The first part of our logo is ‘Tanaku Symbol’ – The logo monogram/symbol is now made of elements that signify the possibility of owning a home at the click of a button. It’s an evolution of our current ‘logo shape’ and represents our underlying technology that makes this happen. It empowers you to overcome the barriers and add convenience and transparency to the process. It’s made with the combination of an action button (circle & upward triangle) that inspires action towards your ambitions in life  & signifies the motivations/aspirations of a homeowner. The house icon represents the home, which Tanaku ultimately will empower our customers to own. True to the story, you can now do the end to end process on our app! It’s all combined into a slick monogram to give a sense of technology, movement and a modern look to our brand.

 Logo Production
The second part to our logo is our main brand configuration. We have kept our main colour combination of teal & dark blue consistent and made it our primary palette. The colour is unique and signifies the ‘radical new’ approach that we have in solving our problem, completely different to the existing solutions in the market.  The word ‘Tanaku’ itself has undergone an evolution and has become bolder with small ‘t’ now represented as ‘bold/capital’ T within the configuration. Our colors are what give us personality. We’re positive, welcoming, transparent and modern with a bold refreshed outlook. This signifies our faith and confidence in ourself as a brand and signifies our embarking on a bold, new journey.  Our approach to solving the problem, also makes us a radically different brand and we wanted our colour palette to signify the same.

Wa Profile
Home ownership is difficult & getting impossible everyday and needless to say we are in the middle of a housing crisis. We all ultimately need our own space. A space to unwind, relax and to be true to ourselves. A space we can call our own.. 

With TANAKU, you can now find your space – a space that truly belongs to you. So you can focus on doing what you love in your own space. A place to unlock life’s moments and create incredible stories ahead.

We are incredibly proud of our new brand identity and what it signifies and want to thank our partners for undertaking this massive journey with us.