Rent vs. Buy a House, Check the Profits and Losses Here!

Tanaku Sewa Vs Beli Rumah, Cek Untung Ruginya Berikut Ini!

The decision to buy or rent a property is often a problem. The many advantages of owning your own home make buying a home even more tempting, especially now that many influencers are showing off their homes and providing education about property ownership. But, is it true that buying a house is more profitable than renting? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Come on, get the answer here!

Tanaku Sewa Vs Beli Rumah, Cek Untung Ruginya Berikut Ini!

Why choose to rent a house?

Compared to buying a house, the costs required to rent a house are relatively smaller. This makes renting a house often the choice of place to live for new families with limited income. The problem is, buying a house means you have to be prepared to pay the down payment and installments, property taxes, and maintenance of the house. Basically, the cost is the reason for the decision to rent compared to buying a property. However, this mindset tends to be relevant only in the short term. There are some drawbacks to continuing to rent a house, for example the landlord may one day decide to convert his property into a cafe or other business. If that happens, what will happen to the tenants? The tenant also needs to find a new place to live and go through a moving process that is not easy.

Why did you choose to buy a house?

If renting a house has advantages in terms of short-term expenses, how about buying a house? From a cost standpoint, there are now housing payment schemes in the form of hard cash, gradual cash, and housing loans (KPR). The most commonly applied scheme is the KPR because it can be paid in long term installments according to the tenor. Buyers can adjust the payment scheme according to their circumstances. When viewed in the long term, buying a house can be seen as a form of investment considering that property prices continue to rise. The price when sold will definitely be higher than the purchase price. Apart from being sold, houses that are already owned can be used as businesses such as boarding houses or contracts to make a profit. What if you have no intention of selling your house or turning it into a boarding house? Fixed home ownership offers a number of advantages. One of them is that it can be used as collateral if you borrow from a bank. Houses can also be inherited to ensure the future of children and grandchildren.

The house is also free to decorate or renovate as you wish. Say you want to decorate your interior with your favorite color or build a new workspace, you can immediately plan and prepare the appropriate funds. This is different from a lease, where the lessee cannot modify the property because he is not the owner. However, you still need to remember that buying a house requires readiness from a financial and mental perspective. Occupying the property means that at least you have to pay a down payment first. The condition of the property after it becomes the right of ownership must always be maintained. So, is buying a house really profitable?

Is it true that buying a house is more profitable?

Yes! Considering the things that have been discussed regarding renting or buying, the answer is buying a house is more profitable. As a home owner, you have the freedom to make it a place to live, investment land, loan collateral assets, to inheritance for posterity. With property prices that are always increasing, you can plan to buy a house as soon as possible. Meanwhile, house rental tends to be less profitable. The advantage of renting a house lies only in the smaller costs in the short term because you only need to pay rent.

However, buying a house is more profitable from various aspects if you think in the long term. Even now, buying a house is not as difficult as it used to be. Buying a house is easier and more fun with Tanaku SuperAPP! Based on the reviews above, it can be concluded that buying a house is indeed more profitable than renting a house. However, it cannot be denied that in the process of owning your own home, sometimes you need to rent a house first as a place to live. Now, it’s fun, now renting a house while saving a down payment for a new house is even easier thanks to Tanaku SuperAPP!

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