Millennials Are Getting Harder to Buy a Home? Why and What is the Solution?

Tanaku Milenial Semakin Sulit Untuk Beli Rumah Mengapa Dan Bagaimana Solusinya

Who doesn’t want to have their own house? Moreover, changing places of residence and incurring annual rental fees can be quite a hassle. However, a few months ago the media was excited about the statement of the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati about the millennial generation who will find it increasingly difficult to own a house. This statement makes millennials who have the desire to buy a house more pessimistic.

Tanaku Milenial Semakin Sulit Untuk Beli Rumah Mengapa Dan Bagaimana Solusinya

Cause of millennials will have trouble owning a house

Since the first, buying a house is not an easy thing to do. There is a huge cost involved in owning a house. Unfortunately, this is where the cost is getting more and more expensive, making it difficult for many young people to own a house and are forced to live by renting. There are several things that make it difficult for the millennial generation to buy a house, namely inflation, massive infrastructure development, and high life expectancy.

  1. Inflation

The main reason behind high property prices is inflation. High raw material prices make property prices also increase. Moreover, recently, the price of energy fuel has increased significantly and has also affected commodity prices in various sectors, including property.

  1. Massive infrastructure development

The government builds various infrastructures to make it easier for residents to carry out daily activities, ranging from highways, toll roads, development of tourist areas, and so on. Unfortunately, the massive government development has made property prices increase, especially those located near development areas.

  1. Life expectancy increases

According to data obtained by the Central Statistics Agency, the life expectancy of the Indonesian people will increase in 2021 to 73.5. This also shows that there is an increase in people’s welfare, so that the demand for housing also increases. As a result, house prices are also pushed up.

Solutions to reduce the difficulty of buying a house

Although the Minister of Finance predicts that young people will find it increasingly difficult to own a house due to one thing or another, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy a house. No need to be too pessimistic because there are still ways to buy a house that can be done to help reduce the difficulty of buying a house.

  1. Build a more affordable house

In order for people to be able to buy houses, the role of developers is needed to innovate and create homes that millennials can afford to buy in the midst of financial difficulties. One way that developers can do is to build houses with smaller sizes and compact designs.

Besides being liked by many young people, houses with compact designs can also reduce development costs, so that the selling price is not too high and can be reached by the millennial generation.

  1. Create a policy framework regarding the housing finance ecosystem

In addition to the role of developers to innovate in home designs that are more effective and affordable, the role of the government is also needed. For example, by making policies related to the housing finance ecosystem.

Currently, the government has several policies to support the millennial generation to own a house, namely the One Million Houses Program launched by the Ministry of PUPR. In addition, there is also the Down Payment Subsidy Program (SBUM) for low-income communities, the Savings-Based Housing Financing Assistance Program (BP2BT), and so on.

  1. Take advantage of property financing solutions

Many young people are unable to own their own homes due to the complex ownership process. If you are one of them, then the right solution is to take advantage of property financing solutions, such as Tanaku. Tanaku is an end-to-end homeownership solution to help you own a home without the hassle, transparency, and no hidden additional costs.

Tanaku, the homeownership solution for millennials

Worried about the complexity of registering for a mortgage and high monthly installments? Stay cool! With Tanaku, you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t need to register for a mortgage, pay a down payment, or pay high monthly installments. How to buy a house through Tanaku only requires you to pay a 2% down payment and monthly installments with 0% interest, after that the house is ready to be occupied.

The system built by Tanaku allows you to pay down a house down payment of up to three years while occupying the house as a temporary owner. After that, you have the option to buy the house using a mortgage, which ideally will be easier because you have built a credit history through Tanaku. As another option, you can also upgrade your house with the help of Tanaku. Just choose the solution that suits your needs and conditions!

Save for a mortgage. Upgrade with the help of Tanaku. The choice is yours.

Although buying a house seems difficult for millennials due to the various factors above, it is not impossible. As consumers, we can’t just wait for government policies. For active steps, you can use a new solution to buy a house like the one provided by Tanaku.

Tanaku created a way to buy a house with a simple system that aims to make it easier for you to own a house. So, no need to worry about complicated processes. Well, if you’re interested, it’s time to register and get your dream home!