Manage Your Personal Finances in 2023 So You Can Have Your Own Home

Copy Of Tanaku Tips Mengelola Keuangan Pribadi Tahun 2023 Agar Bisa Segera Punya Rumah

You may have heard the news about the recession that will occur in 2023. It is predicted that a recession will even occur in a global scope. Well, a recession itself means a significant decline in economic activity and lasts more than a few months.

This may sound scary, but actually economic recession has occurred several times, such as in 2007-2009. Recessions are indeed difficult times, but they are also part of the normal business cycle. If you know how to prepare yourself, of course you can stay financially stable.

So, for those of you who have plans to buy a house in 2023, let’s take a look at the following personal finance management tips!

Copy Of Tanaku Tips Mengelola Keuangan Pribadi Tahun 2023 Agar Bisa Segera Punya Rumah

Tips for managing personal finances for 2023

The news about the economic recession sounds worrying. However, you still have a chance to prepare yourself for changes in the economic situation next year. Here are some tips that you can apply to manage your personal finances.

1. Re-evaluate expense items

The first step, try to re-evaluate spending items. List which expenses are important and which ones can be eliminated. For example, expenses for subscribing to streaming services or buying hobby knick-knacks can be eliminated considering their non-primary needs.

You can also arrange a priority scale to make it easier. From the priority scale, you will know which expenses must come first and which expenses are actually unnecessary. Funds from these expenses can then be allocated for savings to buy a house.

2. Choose low risk investment instruments

Investment can always be a way to earn income. Confused about choosing the type of investment? You can start from a low risk investment instrument with little chance of loss.

There are several low risk investment instruments that you can choose from, such as mutual funds and bonds. These types of investments provide profitable returns without too much risk.

Besides that, you can also always rely on conventional investments such as gold. Even though it is an old way, investing in gold is still proven to be an inflation hedge. This is because the price of gold will tend to be stable even though inflation is high. You can also diversify by choosing several instruments at once.

3. Try to find alternative additional income

If you feel that your current salary or income cannot fulfill your dream of owning a home, consider looking for a side job.

Take advantage of the skills you have, for example designing skills to receive commissions to make a logo. Another alternative is to start a side business, such as becoming a reseller or dropshipper, which can be started with minimal capital.

4. Avoid making rash decisions

2023 is likely to be difficult to predict ups and downs. For that, make sure you always make decisions carefully. Avoid making rash decisions without careful consideration, for example immediately giving up investing for fear that the value will drop sharply in 2023.

Increase literacy around economics and finance, but avoid reporting fear mongering which will only make you more worried. As an alternative, you can try pursuing a new interest. Who knows, your newly developed interest will generate additional income.

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