How Tanaku Works?

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Tanaku is here for those of you who are tired of being stuck in the cycle of renting a residence and want to have your own home, but are always hindered by the process of housing ownership that is too complicated. You are not alone, you know, many people have experienced this problem and therefore Tanaku is trying to help so that more people can have their own homes in Indonesia.

All the complexities of the home ownership process have been successfully removed by Tanaku and by buying your home through Tanaku, you don’t have to register for a mortgage, you don’t have to pay a large down payment, without high monthly installments, and most importantly your home is ready for you to move in immediately.

With Tanaku, you only need to pay a 2% down payment and 0% interest for monthly installments. All of these processes are also very easy and transparent, with no hidden fees! Now that you know what Tanaku is and are interested in the home buying solutions we offer, but are still confused about how Tanaku works? Watch the Tanaku video below to find out step by step buying a home through Tanaku.

Or read through this step by step

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Is it clearer now about how Tanaku works? It’s the time for you to join in our early access here and be one of the first buyers of Tanaku home!