Buy a Home Digitally, Why Not? Check out the following tips!

Tanaku Beli Rumah Secara Digital, Why Not Simak Tipsnya Berikut Ini!

During the pandemic, internet use has increased dramatically. Data from Kominfo states that the increase in internet traffic in Indonesia during the pandemic has increased by up to 40%. How could it not be, the existence of social distancing and WFH policies tends to encourage people to be more active online.

In fact, this also applies to things that were previously considered impossible to do online, including buying a house. Now, there has been a digitization of the home buying process which is far more practical and time-saving. Like what?

Tanaku Beli Rumah Secara Digital, Why Not Simak Tipsnya Berikut Ini!

Digitizing the home buying process

In fact, the digitization of the home buying process occurred before the pandemic hit. In the United States, this trend has started since 2015. In 2017, around 44% of home purchases in the United States have even been made online.

The reason is not far from the situation on the part of the home buyer. Starting from 2015 until now, the millennial generation or Gen Y is the age group of the biggest home buyers. Millennials are more familiar with the internet than their predecessors and tend to seek practicality. The digitization of the home buying process answers these two indicators: it can be done via the internet and practical. So, don’t be surprised if buying a house digitally is now increasingly prevalent.

Tips for buying a house digitally

Digitizing the home buying process is the best solution for millennials. The process is practical and time-saving. However, you still need to be careful when buying a house through digital channels. In order not to be zonk, you can apply the following tips:

1. Keep doing house visits

Usually, online home sales channels display quite detailed information about their properties. However, by doing a house visit, you can feel the atmosphere of the house first hand and see what the construction of the building is like.

2. Choose a trusted channel

Avoid online home sales channels that don’t have testimonials or whose offers are too good to be true. Try to do a cross-check to ensure claims from the seller. If you are still unsure, you can seek recommendations from the people closest to you.

3. Cek kelengkapan dokumen

Jangan lupa untuk selalu mengecek kelengkapan dokumen rumah. Pastikan rumah yang kamu beli memiliki dokumen resmi lengkap. Hal ini untuk menghindari terjadinya sengketa di kemudian hari.

Beli rumah secara digital melalui Tanaku SuperAPP

Kini, beli rumah secara digital jadi makin praktis dengan Tanaku SuperAPP. Lewat Tanaku SuperAPP, kamu bisa segera menghuni rumah impian dengan proses yang simpel dan memudahkan. Tentunya kamu bisa melakukannya secara online, ya!

Kamu cuma perlu download aplikasi Tanaku SuperAPP dan daftar untuk membuat akun. Begitu akun kamu sudah aktif, kamu bisa langsung mulai mewujudkan kepemilikan rumah dengan tiga langkah simpel:

– Play various missions

If you are currently renting or have ever rented a house, tell the details to Tanaku SuperAPP. So, every time you pay the monthly rent for the house, you can convert the cost into points. Apart from that, you can also collect points through various other missions in the application.

– Exchange with rewards

So, the points that have been collected can later be exchanged for various attractive rewards; ranging from shopping, culinary, travel, and others. Tanaku SuperAPP works with many merchants to provide these rewards.

– Buy a house using points

Apart from rewards, the points that you collect at Tanaku SuperAPP can also be exchanged to pay a down payment for a new house. Of course, this stage applies if you are really interested in buying a house, right!

Why Tanaku SuperAPP?

Tanaku SuperAPP is the first application in Indonesia that allows you to convert house rental fees into rewards and even down payment for a new house. So, through Tanaku SuperAPP, you can really save on down payment while still renting a house.

In other words, you will also be greatly assisted in terms of building credit history with Tanaku SuperAPP. So, if your credit history is well developed, in the future the process of buying a house through a mortgage will also tend to be easier!

With the presence of digitization, the process of buying a house is now easier and simpler. Moreover, now there is Tanaku SuperAPP, a proptech application that provides home ownership solutions in an innovative and fun way. Where else can you convert the cost of renting a house into a down payment for a new house, right?

So what are you waiting for? Make your dream of living in a dream home come true with Tanaku SuperAPP. Register now through the Tanaku application which you can get through Google Play or the App Store!