5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Home at a Young Age

5 Alasan Kenapa Harus Punya Rumah Sendiri di Usia Muda

You must have often heard the advice about the importance of having your own
home voiced by your parents. Unfortunately, the rate of home ownership continues to
decline as property prices continue to rise. This has also caused many young people
to be reluctant to buy their own homes and choose to rent instead. In fact, having
your own home can bring you many benefits.

5 Alasan Kenapa Harus Punya Rumah Sendiri di Usia Muda

Reasons why you should have your own home

Owning a home is more than having a place to live. There are other important benefits
that you can feel if you have your own home, namely:

1. More free and private

Having your own home means you have the freedom to do anything in that house.
Whether you want to paint the walls, replace house elements, or renovate it according
to your dream home, you can do everything without worrying. Of course, this is
something you can’t get if you rent a house. Apart from that, having your own home guarantees your privacy, especially if you
currently live with other people. Everyone has something they don’t want other
people to know, right?


2. Give peace of mind

Owning your own home provides comfort that leads to peace of mind. You can live in the
house as long as you want without being haunted by rent costs and the duration of the
rent that is about to expire. The costs incurred to buy a house do look large at first.
But, over time, the costs can be paid so that you can live in peace and comfort without
being haunted by these thoughts.

3. Profitable option over rent

The next reason is because buying a house is more profitable than renting.
Renting a house costs you an annual fee for something that doesn’t belong to you.
You only pay for temporary residence, but do not have any rights to the house. Meanwhile, buying a house costs a lot, but the money you spend is arguably more productive than the cost of renting a house. What’s more, having your own home makes
you have full rights over that house. So, you have the right to renovate, sell, or
inherit the house to the next generation. That way, the amount of money you spend to
own a house is not in vain.

4. Can be an investment instrument

House prices continue to rise. That’s why buying a house at a young age would be better.
When you reach old age, the price of your house will definitely go up and you can sell
it for a lot higher than the purchase price. This makes the house a very profitable
investment. You can use these profits later to add investment assets or buy a new home. If you’re currently one of the sandwich generation, you can prevent your offspring from feeling the same way by owning your own home at a young age. By having your own house now and selling it at old age, it means that you still have sufficient living
expenses. That way, children don’t have to be responsible for the needs of your life.

5. The right asset to be inherited
The last reason is because the house is an asset that can be inherited.
If you don’t want to sell the house, you can pass it on to your children and grandchildren.
This is the most appropriate asset to help them reduce the cost of buying a home.


Have your own home at a young age, how do you do it?

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